Know my Terms and Conditions of Service:

These conditions and stipulations, hereinafter, outline the rights and duties linked between the buyer (client) and the designer to the service of creating book covers and illustrations provided by the artist Tyler Evelyn Rood hereinafter, the creator of designs, towards those who acquire their services. By using the services of the Cover creator, the Purchaser consents and undertakes to fully respect these Conditions since each term of this clause is stipulated as read and accepted once the activities have begun.

These terms and conditions are designed to ensure a fair and transparent transaction between both parties. Both Client and Designer agree to respect and comply with these terms to ensure a successful collaboration.

If some of these terms are not met, if the buyer is a Chilean resident, the corresponding laws will apply.


The Client agrees to follow the established payment process and comply with the deadlines specified by the Artist.

• The Client must pay at least 50% of the total budget in advance to start the design process.

• The final art of the book will only be delivered to the Client once the final payment has been made. If the Client paid in two parts, the files will be delivered via email or wetransfer.

• The initial payment will be made before the work begins, this payment will be agreed upon for either half or full payment.

• Failure to pay as agreed will result in the Designer retaining the rights to the work until payment is completed, and in the event that the second payment is not made, the estimate will not be refunded nor will any files, the design may be used as premade to obtain lost profits.


• In the event that the design has not been started, the Client is entitled to receive a refund of 25% of the first payment made for management reasons.

• Designs with an advance will not be refunded.

• In the event that the Client disappears or the project is stopped without prior negotiation, the Client will lose their right to a refund and their place to receive the service after three weeks without a response. This means that the project will not be able to continue after this period. In case of justification for the pause of the project, the Client must contact the Designer via email or through the previously agreed communication channel.

• In the event of cancellation by the Client before work has commenced, a partial refund may be made subject to the discretion of the Artist.

Changes and Revisions:

• The Client has the right to two initial revisions after receiving the first draft of the cover or cover, they will always be asked before starting the color part if the design is approved.

• Once the limit of changes mentioned above has been exceeded, an additional charge will be applied for each extra change made, the value will depend on the changes that are desired to be made by agreeing in the chat between the client and the designer.

• If a complete change is requested during the color phase, the project will be budgeted again, including the corresponding additional charges.

• Failure to respond or approve the customer within the agreed deadlines may affect the delivery schedule or cancel it after 3 weeks without a response from the customer. (If you present a justification of absence, your order will not be cancelled.)

• All changes and revisions must be communicated clearly and in detail by the Client to the designer, and the designer agrees to make the requested changes in accordance with the instructions provided by the Client. (Once agreed and spoken between both parties)

• All alternative revisions or changes outside the delivery will be considered as extra charges (if there is an error made by the designer this extra charge will not be considered and the error will be fixed.) Each additional revision will be subject to the terms and rates agreed between both parties.

• The Designer will correct any errors or problems that are attributable to her work at no additional cost to the Client making the Client responsible for reviewing and approving each stage of the design process any errors or misunderstandings that arise due to the Client's lack of review It will not be the responsibility of the Designer.

Attributions and Copyright:

Designer will retain copyright on all works created during the cover design process, unless otherwise expressly agreed in a written contract.

• The image provided by the Designer cannot be used to train AIs in any way.

• The image provided by the Designer may not be modified without her consent. If you wish to make a subsequent modification, contact the Designer via the means of communication agreed upon between both parties.

• The Client agrees to give attribution to the Designer when posting the design on social media and in the copyright data of the published designs, under the name Tyler Evelyn Rood (@tylerevelynrood).

• Upon completion of full payment, the Client will obtain rights of use agreed between the client and the designer of the cover designed exclusively for the agreed project.

• The Designer reserves the right to use the design in her portfolio, on social media or other media for promotional and commercial purposes, unless otherwise agreed with the Client.

• Any modifications made to the deck after final delivery will require approval from the Designer and may be subject to additional fees.

• The transfer of all or part of the copyright to third parties will require a written agreement between the Client and the Designer.

• Any unauthorized use of the work by the Client or third parties will be considered a violation of copyright and will be subject to legal action.

• All art that goes inside the book must go with the artist @TylerEvelynrood's signature, whether it is a work created directly for the book or an external work commissioned to be added inside it.

• The image provided by the Designer may not be used as a reference for other commercial purposes in which it is not involved. This includes tracings of the sketch or final work, use of fonts and applications. etc

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

• By hiring the services of the Designer, the Client accepts and undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions in their entirety.

• These terms and conditions are designed to clearly set out the copyright and attribution associated with the designed cover, ensuring mutual understanding and respect for the rights of both parties.

• By contracting the services of the Designer, the Client declares that he has read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before contracting his services.

• All the points already mentioned will be put in a PDF that will be sent before completing the partial or total payment, once the Designer's terms and conditions have been accepted, the corresponding activities can be started.